Hi, my name is Jesyka and I'm passionate about using research to create smarter strategies and actionable outcomes.

I deliver offerings in a collaborative, user centric, and research driven mindset. Below are three recent and select projects of which I've been a primary contributor.

IBM Design Research

Scaling the practice of design research


How might we enable research and empathy-driven design to drive customer value and business growth?

At IBM, design research is a component of the practice of design. The Design Practices team goal is to enable all designers within IBM to practice their craft at the highest levels. My sub-team focused on the practice of design research in support of over 100 IBM offerings. Success in the modern enterprise requires a user-first approach. The practice seeks to foster better research to drive iconic user outcomes.


I am a primary contributor to the design research content and enablement that lives side by side with the IBM Design Thinking framework and the IBM Design Language. I consulted with early career design researchers and teams across IBM on best practices. In this role, I also conducted research through user testing, cultural probes, contextual inquiries, user interviews, and surveys to guide team actions. Additionally, I maintained the research software and tooling for our teams.

Build experiences not features.
Ideating the next release.
IBM @ SXSW 2015.
IBM Sponsor User Program.

IBM Design Practices

Designing for iconic outcomes


How might we enable all designers within IBM to practice their craft at the highest levels?

"Good design is good business" - Thomas J. Watson Jr., 1973

IBM's legacy of design traces back to the 1950s when Watson Jr. hired Eliot Noyes to launch design within IBM. With the hire of Noyes followed Charles and Ray Eames, Paul Rand, and others. The history of these iconic designers lives on within the IBM brand and culture. Today, the IBM Design Practices Team enables design teams with the mindset and tools they need to create IBM offerings that are authentically thoughtful.


As a primary contributor to the concepts, processes, and thought capital released by our team, I utilize my UX skills, conduct research, and facilitate content strategy. I also plan and conduct IBM Design Thinking workshops for IBM teams and external audiences. The majority of my contributions are research insights and published content released on our internal and external websites, printed materials, and internal documents. As part of this team, I am expected to present and speak on design research to senior IBM leadership.

Design unity not uniformity.
IBM Austin Studio Guide.
Affinitizing user interviews.
Design outcomes at scale.

Marie's Bake Shoppe

Delivering high quality products using a lean strategy


How might we help those with gluten sensitivities experience baked sweets without sacrificing taste?

Founded in 2012, this rural family-owned bake shoppe's mission was to provide delicious desserts to gluten-free consumers without the worry of cross-contamination. Over their first year, Marie's popularity rose exponentially. Customers drove across multiple states just to sample their products. In 2015, the company transformed into the largest dedicated gluten-free manufacturer and distributor in the greater Kansas City area. Today Marie's distributes gluten-free foods to vendors across multiple states.


The five-person team that keeps Marie's Bake Shoppe up and running has been with the company since the startup's founding. Due to the small size of the team, each member wears multiple hats. My primary contributions include leading the design of the company's omni-channel experiences and data analyses. I am the sole individual responsible for forecasting product sales and analyzing financial trends. Through both qualitative and quantitative methods, I clean and crunch data to both increase the company's gross revenue and decrease their cost of goods sold.

Checkout experiences.
Wireframing as a group.
Coding R functions.
Login experiences.


I believe in constant curiosity. This mindset of continual learning drives me to seek new interpretations and keep both my personal and human biases in check.

I'm currently the Senior Design Researcher at Samba TV. During my time at IBM, I’ve worked on various projects including: growing the practice of design research, research for the Office of the Chairman, the IBM Design Language, IBM Design Thinking, and the IBM Studios Austin Guide.

Previous to IBM, I worked as the Lead Designer and Co-Founder of Sisasa, a finance-technology start-up aimed at bridging the gap between financial institutions and millennials. Former consulting experience includes projects in the automotive and healthcare industries. I hold a MSI, specializing in human-computer interaction, from the University of Michigan School of Information and a BA from Wellesley College.

See my resume for a complete work history and do contact me by email for further questions or information.

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